We are a boutique agency; you’ll find our team is highly specialized. And as a practice, we only accept a few clients every year. Quality work is everything! Yet we’ve received praise for achieving national brand awareness out of several product/service launches. In other words, we turn the unknown into a “hit” (in the marketplace) for every client we serve.

About Us

The David & Goliath Public Relations & Media Firm, LLC, was founded to make a real difference in today’s media-influenced society. One major objective -we all share -is simple: to make a positive impact through the production of high quality work.  At D&G, quality will always reign over quantity!

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This website was constructed to provide a valuable gateway for you to secure help -expertise at a price you can afford. Peruse our web space, try it and see! Yet the best way to expedite personal contact, is to write us: david@davidandgoliathfirm.com

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We’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments.

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