David & Goliath Public Relations & Media Firm


Joseph Camerieri

David & Goliath Public Relations Firm, LLC, is a unique media team using God-given talents to make a difference in the world.  We are truly grateful to serve as a faith-based business (Bible based). We offer our clients a different perspective and because of this we feel uniquely qualified to understand “buyer behavior.”  I am also a member in good standing with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).  Among other liaisons, David & Goliath is also a member of the Gospel Music Association (GMA), aka “the Dove Awards.”  You can visit my Linked In page (Joseph Camerieri) and find a list of accomplishments in both film and television.

We exclusively devote our focus to film, entertainment, music, and sports.  However, we do serve one client in the technology sector, someone specialized in drone innovation. 

We continually seek original content writers and directors who wish to advance their careers.

You will also discover we are carefully moving into film packaging for distribution companies, as well as music label and talent agency services equipped to handle original content writers, directors and musicians.

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