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To all talented television and film producers, directors, writers, musicians, or sports radio/television personalities:

If you can show confidence, can demonstrate your talent on demand, and even if you’ve managed to build a small fan base on your own, we might have the missing piece you need to reach that next level.

Have questions?  Reach us through our contact page, and we’ll explain where our leverage lies within the sports and entertainment industry.

We can create a positive image campaign to build your ‘brand.’  Speak with me about an exclusive technique we use to connect you with recognized, major studios, networks, or label executives – plans generally range for 3 – 6 months, or up to one year, depending on your needs.

Core strategies:

  • For a smaller, yet quality reach, you should look in to our Small Regional Campaign strategy.
  • The National Media strategy usually involves television and relies heavily on social media.
  • Ask about our Executive Producer consultation and as an investor for your film, televisions or radio programs or musical project.  Basically, and to be upfront on our position: I would become an investor and seek 5% OF YOUR PROJECT GROSS REVENUES.

Other services:

  • Film and television packaging which includes pitching to cable networks, distributors, and the like. Please email me.  Potential dollars abound! 
  • Screenplay reading services: $200.00

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